About Us

The Benner Township Water Authority (BTWA) was incorporated by the Benner Township Supervisors on January 15, 1994 pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act of 1945. In 2003, developments within Benner Township began to install public water systems to serve their needs. These systems were constructed without any Municipal over sight. In February 2007, the BTWA contracted the Spring-Benner-Walker Joint Authority (SBWJA) to operate and manage the water system in a professional and efficient manner.

The BTWA provides water services to more than 800 residents including the Benner Elementary School within Benner Township utilizing ground water from three different wells – Opequon, Hampton Hills, and Grove Park. These sources were constructed by the developers that improved the developments and were ultimately dedicated over to BTWA.

The BTWA also maintains the Peru water system near the State Correctional Institution at Rockview/Benner. Peru had a water system connected to SCI Rockview system since the 1930s. The failing Peru water system did not have adequate fire flow and water quality was a concern due to the aging infrastructure. Peru residents petitioned the Benner Township Supervisors to help improve their failing system. The BTWA, through SBWJA, obtained grant funding as well as utilizing BTWA reserve funds to completely replace the water system within the village of Peru in 2012. Now we provide maintenance to the water system while still receiving their water source from SCI Rockview/Benner.