New Source Development – Public Water System Expansion

The Benner Township Water Authority (BTWA) has been discussing the development of a new well to supplement and replace the Grove Park well. This well has an elevated nitrate level that is nearing the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contaminant level of 10 parts per million (ppm). Consuming nitrates may affect the human body causing what is known as methemoglobinemia, a blood disorder that affects the body’s ability to transport oxygen in our blood.

The BTWA has completed many tests for nitrates in private wells within Benner Township including the areas of Upper Seibert Road, Willowbend Development, Raymonds Lane, Lower Gyp Road and Buffalo Run Road, near the vicinity of the Benner Elementary School.  All private wells tested contained various levels of nitrates. As a result of the testing of these private wells and hydrogeological work, we have located a major fault in the bedrock that has a relatively low level of nitrates.

We are currently planning the development of a municipal well along Raymonds Lane or Upper Seibert Road to serve our current customers. The well would be located near this fault in the bedrock to avoid higher nitrate levels and infrastructure would need to be constructed to connect to our existing water system at the Grove Park development. The location of the infrastructure may depend upon whether or not any of the homes in this area are interested in connecting to the public water system.

If you live in the Upper Seibert Road, Raymonds Lane or Willowbend Development areas and have any interest in connecting to our public water system please call our office at 814-355-4778 to discuss this further.

If you are interested in having the nitrate level of your well tested, we can also assist you with having this testing completed. A typical test consists of determining the nitrate and nitrite levels in the sample. The current cost for this testing is $80.00 at Fairway Laboratories in Altoona. Fairway Laboratories completes most of the analytical testing for the public water systems in the surrounding area.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any details of our planning, please contact our office at 814-355-4778.

Hampton Hills Water Storage Tank Maintenance Work

** Update on 09/16/2020 **

The Hampton Hills/Opequon water system is back to normal and the water tank is once again regulating pressure and providing fire protection for the neighborhood.

The tank inspection went as expected and it was determined the interior of the tank needs the seal replaced. Structurally, the tank interior is in very good condition likely due to the water characteristics pumped from our wells.

The work to replace the interior seals will be scheduled to take place next spring. This will require our system to be placed back on the temporary pressure pumps through completion of the work.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as our maintenance crew works to keep your water system running efficiently to provide you with an endless supply of potable water at the lowest possible cost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Authority office.

** Update on 09/11/2020 **

Just a reminder that the Hampton Hills Storage Tank has been emptied today for inspection tomorrow, 09/12/2020. During this time there will be no fire protection so please use caution over the weekend. Our Authority hopes to have the tank filled on Monday, 9/14. Once completed, we will need to complete a bacteria test before we can place the storage tank back into commission. If the bacteria test is clear we hope to have the tank back into commission on Tuesday, 9/15.

We will continue to update this page. Thank you for your patience and understand during this time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Authority office at 814-355-4778.

** Update on 09/04/2020 **

Please click here for the Memo that was hand delivered to residents today, September 4, 2020, regarding the Hampton Hills/Opequon Water Tank Inspection. The test run we completed on 09/03/2020 through 09/04/2020 was successful.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Authority office at 814-355-4778.

September 2, 2020

The water storage tank within the Hampton Hills development that provides water service to Hampton Hills, Opequon Hills, Edward Drive, Reichenbaugh Lane and the Benner Elementary School is in need of maintenance work. The seals on this stainless-steel, bolted tank need to be repaired as seepage has been noted at several bolts.  An internal inspection of the tank will need completed which will require the Benner Township Water Authority to completely drain the water storage tank.

Temporary storage tanks will be installed at the Hampton Hills well house on September 2, 2020 to aid in providing continuous water service to the affected customers of the Benner Township Water Authority within these areas.

We have tentatively scheduled the work to occur on Saturday, September 12, 2020 and will provide additional information once we are able to verify the temporary storage tanks will adequately provide water service throughout this inspection and much needed repairs.

Please note that when the water tank is not in service bags will be placed over the fire hydrants indicating there is no fire protection. Our Authority has contacted the 911 Emergency Center and local fire companies to make them aware in case of an emergency. Please use caution during this time.

If there are any questions, please contact our Authority office at 814-355-4778.

Thank You.

Flushing of Fire Hydrants/Water Mains

Benner Township Water Authority will begin water main flushing and fire hydrant flushing the week of 08/10/2020 and will continue for the next three weeks. Residents may experience temporary discoloration of water and a temporary reduction in water pressure between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Authority office.

Thank you,


Grove Park Residents – Leak Detected – 05/15/2020

The Benner Township Water Authority has located a small leak on Aster Avenue. The maintenance crew will be making a temporary repair to the line and residents along Aster Avenue will experience a slight decrease in water pressure.

A permanent repair will need to be made at a later date which will result in water being shut off. Our Authority office will give plenty of notice before this takes place.

Thank you for your patience.

Benner Township Water Authority

PFAS in Happy Valley

Benner Township Water Authority has been made aware that the State of Pennsylvania did random water testing for PFAS across the state.  One of the wells tested was located in Benner Township at the State of the Art facility which is located across from the University Park Airport.  PFAS was found in this well. 

Here is the link to the PFAS Action Team Initial Report that Benner Township has shared on their website.

Here is the link to PA DEP’s website regarding what PFAS is, it’s history, and the impacts it has on the environment.

Here is PA DEP’s PFAS Sampling Plan.

Environmental Protection Agency

Below is the link to EPA’s informational page regarding PFAS, which includes basic information, actions to address, and tools and resources.

As more information becomes available we will do our best to keep this page updated.

Benner Township also has a page on their website labeled “PFAS” which they have been keeping updated as well.

Grove Park Generator

Grove Park Generator – Update

The Grove Park Generator has been installed at the well house. The maintenance crew has done a wonderful job in getting the well house prepared for the new generator. As you can see below, it has been installed and is ready for inspection.

The job is not completely finished yet. BTWA is still working on obtaining and installing the propane tanks. We are hoping to have them installed within the next week or two. We will keep you all updated on the progress of the generator.

Picture courtesy of Steve Lanich, BTWA Board Member.

Grove Park Generator

Grove Park Generator





Grove Park Generator

The Benner Township Water Authority was successful in obtaining a grant as part of the PA Small Water and Sewer Program administered through the PA Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED). The grant was obtained for purchasing a generator to supply emergency power to the Grove Park development. The generator will be used to maintain power for system operation, water pressure, and energize the fire pump in case of emergencies during power outages. The generator has been received and the Spring-Benner-Walker Joint Authority (SBWJA) has begun planning for installation within the next month or two. More information to follow.

High Water Usage

Did you recently get a letter stating that your water usage was higher than normal? There could be a logical reason for that and you may be aware of the increased use. However, if you are unsure why your home water usage has increased, here are a list of possible reasons that your water usage was higher:

  • Watering your garden
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Putting water in your pool
  • Extra people in the household taking showers and doing laundry

If none of these pertain to your situation there could be other reasons that your usage was high. Is your water softener running continuously? If your water softener is stuck in regeneration mode it is running water continuously thus spiking your water usage.

Another reason your water usage could be high is a leak – i.e. a leaking faucet or toilet. At times your toilet valve may malfunction and allow water to continue to flow down the drain. To test the toilet, place several drops of food coloring – red, green, blue – into the tank in the back. After 15 minutes look in the bowl, if you see the food coloring your toilet is leaking.

The best way to check for leaks is to turn all the water off in your home and wait a few minutes. Then go to your water meter and check to see if the dial is moving. If the dial is still moving even after the water is off then there is a leak and you should call your plumber for further assistance.

If you still aren’t sure please don’t hesitate to contact our Authority office.

Water Usage Facts

Water usage facts that you probably did not know in regards to how much your daily tasks are actually using.
  • Older toilets use 3.5 gallons per flush
  • Dishwashers use 7 gallons per cycle
  • Washing dishes by hand uses roughly 20 gallons
  • It takes about 30 gallons to fill the bath tub, taking a shower uses less water
  • Swimming pools naturally lose about 1,000 gallons per month due to evaporation

Water Usage Table

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